September 28, 2010

Emma Powell: A Life Reviewed, George Eastman through the Viewfinder

Rochester, NY- George Eastman House is hosting an exhibition of photographs that look back at the life of Kodak's founder, George Eastman, on view now through October 31, 2010. "A Life Reviewed: George Eastman through the Viewfinder" consists of twenty-five color photographs by Emma Powell that cover different facets of Eastman's life and legacy. This work serves as both photographic biography as well as an artistic gaze into the past.

September 24, 2010

Kirsten Hoving: Obstacles

In the series Obstacles, I find objects or situations that suggest barriers to self-fulfillment. Some of the themes are about being stuck (the cage), aging (wrinkles), personal limitations (my lifelong inability to do math), and various other impediments (procrastination, temptation, baggage).

Ironically, I have found that the practice of photography has enabled me to become aware of and work to overcome some of these barriers. For instance, doing photography has encouraged me to move outside of my comfort zone (my cage, my cocoon) and take personal risks that I wouldn't take in my role as a scholar.

- Kirsten Hoving, 2010







Tunnel Vision

September 1, 2010

Fraction Magazine: Issue 18

I love the new Fraction Magazine: Issue 18!

Photo by Gloria Baker Feinstein


Please join me on September 1st from 4-6pm for WLCM BCK, Mason Gross Galleries of Rutgers University, Civic Square, New Brunswick, NJ:

Participating artists:
Liv Aanrud / John Almelchenko / Eileen Behnke / Caetlynn Booth / Anna Bushman / Damian Catera / Katherine DeGaetani / Erin Dunn / Megan Flaherty / Gabbe Grodin /Chris Guerra / Catherine Haggarty / Annie Hogan / Suzanne Joelson / Marketa Klicova / Gary Kuehn / Julie Langsam / Allison Lindblom / Ardele Lister / Toby MacLennan / Barb Madsen / Tony Masso / Anne McKeown / Traci Molloy / Diane Neumaier / Raphael Ortiz / Kate Pollard / Alan Prazniak / Tom Raggio / Martha Rosler / Erik Schoonebeek / Patrick Strzelec / Richard Tuttle / Betsy VanLangen / Timothy Warner / Tyson Washburn / Stephen Westfall / Shane Whilden / Wendy White / Bryan Whitney / John Yau